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Petrified Wood Slab 001

Sale price$127.00

Size | 10x8 inches | includes slab stand

Location | Indonesia

Petrified wood is formed over millions of years through a natural process called petrification. It starts with fallen trees or branches being buried under layers of sediment, such as volcanic ash or river silt. As time passes, the wood gradually absorbs minerals from the surrounding soil and groundwater.

Through a slow and meticulous process, the organic matter of the wood is replaced with minerals like silica, iron, and carbon. This intricate process gives birth to a remarkable transformation, turning the wood into stone while retaining its original structure and texture.

Embrace the beauty and history of nature – a remarkable display of the enduring power of time transformation.

Petrified Wood Slab 001
Petrified Wood Slab 001 Sale price$127.00

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