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Agate Slab | Gold 007
Agate Slab | Gold 007 Sale price$25.00
Agate Slab | Gold 008
Agate Slab | Gold 008 Sale price$35.00
Agate Slab | Gold 010
Agate Slab | Gold 010 Sale price$34.00
Blue Lace Agate Bead Bracelet | 4mm
Blue Lace Agate Display 002
Botswana Agate | 8mm
Botswana Agate | 8mm Sale price$14.00
Carnelian x Flower Agate  Bead Bracelet | 8mm
Carnelian x Flower Agate Sphere 001
Flower Agate Bead Bracelet | 10mm
Sold out
Flower Agate Butterfly Sale price$425.00
Flower Agate Freeform 001
Flower Agate Freeform 001 Sale price$88.00
Flower Agate Freeform 002
Flower Agate Freeform 002 Sale price$85.00
Flower Agate Freeform 003
Flower Agate Freeform 003 Sale price$102.00
Flower Agate Mini Bowl
Flower Agate Mini Bowl Sale price$14.00
Save $5.00Flower Agate Mini Dish 004
Flower Agate Mini Dish 004 Sale price$15.00 Regular price$20.00
Save $5.00Flower Agate Mini Dish 005
Flower Agate Mini Dish 005 Sale price$15.00 Regular price$20.00
Flower Agate Mini Leaf
Flower Agate Mini Leaf Sale price$12.00
Flower Agate Mini Mushroom
Flower Agate Mini Sphere | Personal Growth
Flower Agate Mini Teardrop Set (set of 3)
Flower Agate Sphere 007
Flower Agate Sphere 007 Sale price$71.00
Flower Agate Sphere 008
Flower Agate Sphere 008 Sale price$110.00
Flower Agate Sphere 009
Flower Agate Sphere 009 Sale price$92.00
Flower Agate Sphere 010
Flower Agate Sphere 010 Sale price$88.00
Sold outFlower Agate Tower 002
Flower Agate Tower 002 Sale price$45.00
Flower Agate Vial
Flower Agate Vial Sale price$6.00
Moss Agate Mini Towers
Moss Agate Mini Towers Sale price$10.00
Moss Agate Sphere 001
Moss Agate Sphere 001 Sale price$108.00
Moss Agate Sphere 002
Moss Agate Sphere 002 Sale price$76.00
Moss Agate Wand 001
Moss Agate Wand 001 Sale price$162.00
Moss Agate Wand 002
Moss Agate Wand 002 Sale price$175.00
Moss Agate Wand 003
Moss Agate Wand 003 Sale price$219.00
Moss Agate | 8mm
Moss Agate | 8mm Sale price$7.00
Orca Agate Palmstone
Orca Agate Palmstone Sale price$12.00
Orca Agate | 8mm
Orca Agate | 8mm Sale price$9.00
Pink Amethyst x Flower Agate Mini Palm
Pink Amethyst x Flower Agate Slab 010
Purple Moss Agate Mini Moon