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Amazonite Bead Bracelet | 9mm
Amethyst Bead Bracelet | 4mm
Amethyst Faceted Necklace | Select your piece
Amethyst Faceted Ring 001 | Size 9
Amethyst Raw Necklace | Select your piece
Amethyst Raw Ring 001 | Size 5
Angelite Bead Bracelet | 4mm
Angelite Bead Bracelet | 8mm
Aquamarine Bead Bracelet | 7mm
Aquamarine with Black Tourmaline Bead Bracelet | 7.5mm
Blue Lace Agate Bead Bracelet | 4mm
Botswana Agate | 8mm
Botswana Agate | 8mm Sale price$14.00
Carnelian x Flower Agate  Bead Bracelet | 8mm
Citrine Bracelet 005
Citrine Bracelet 005 Sale price$120.00
Citrine Bracelet 006
Citrine Bracelet 006 Sale price$120.00
Dalmation Jasper | 8mm
Dalmation Jasper | 8mm Sale price$9.00
Flower Agate Bead Bracelet | 10mm
Flower Agate Mini Teardrop Set (set of 3)
Fluorite Bead Bracelet | 4mm
Fluorite | 8mm
Fluorite | 8mm Sale price$11.00
Garnet Bead Bracelet | 4mm
Gold Obsidian Bead Bracelet | 4mm
Herkimer Diamond Ring 006 | size 6
Herkimer Diamond Ring 012 | size 8
Herkimer Diamond Ring 014 | size 5
Herkimer Diamond Ring 015 | size 5
High Quality Sunstone Mini Sphere
HQ Beryl Set | Morganite & Aquamarine
Kunzite Bead Bracelet | 8mm
Sold outKunzite Mini Sphere
Kunzite Mini Sphere Sale price$7.00
Labradorite Bead Bracelet | 4mm
Lapis Mini Moon
Lapis Mini Moon Sale price$5.00
Lapis Mini Star
Lapis Mini Star Sale price$5.00
Lepidolite Mini Polished Point
Lepidolite | 8mm
Lepidolite | 8mm Sale price$7.00
Libyan Desert Glass Necklace | Select your piece
Libyan Desert Glass Ring | Select your piece
Lotus Light Stand
Lotus Light Stand Sale price$10.00
Mica in Fluorite Palmstone
Mini Mushrooms
Mini Mushrooms Sale price$1.00
Moonstone Bead Bracelet | 8mm
Moonstone Bracelet 006 | raw
Moonstone Necklace 005
Moonstone Necklace 005 Sale price$52.00
Moonstone Necklace 006
Moonstone Necklace 006 Sale price$42.00
Moonstone Necklace 007
Moonstone Necklace 007 Sale price$52.00
Moonstone Necklace 008
Moonstone Necklace 008 Sale price$88.00
Moonstone Palmstone
Moonstone Palmstone Sale price$11.00
Save $20.00Morganite Bracelet 001
Morganite Bracelet 001 Sale price$70.00 Regular price$90.00