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Under the sea web drop

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On saleAbalone Shell
Abalone Shell Sale priceFrom $4.00 Regular price$5.50
Amazonite Tumble
Amazonite Tumble Sale price$5.00
Amethyst Tumble
Amethyst Tumble Sale price$5.00
Blue Apatite Tumble
Blue Apatite Tumble Sale price$5.00
Fluorite Mushrooms
Fluorite Mushrooms Sale price$9.00
Fluorite Spooky Set
Fluorite Spooky Set Sale price$22.00
Gem Lepidolite Spheres
Gem Lepidolite Spheres Sale price$5.00
Iolite Tumble
Iolite Tumble Sale price$5.00
Lepidolite Tumble
Lepidolite Tumble Sale price$5.00
Lotus Light Stand
Lotus Light Stand Sale price$10.00
Lotus Sphere Stand
Lotus Sphere Stand Sale price$5.00
Modern Sphere Stand
Modern Sphere Stand Sale price$14.00

2 colors available

Moonstone Tumble
Moonstone Tumble Sale price$5.00
Owyhee Blue Opal Tumble
Owyhee Blue Opal Tumble Sale price$5.00
Oyster Shell Dish
Oyster Shell Dish Sale price$21.00
Sold outPastel Ocean Jasper Mini Heart | Calming
Peach Moonstone Mini Heart
Pink Lepidolite Tumble
Pink Lepidolite Tumble Sale price$5.00
Purple Jade Tumble
Purple Jade Tumble Sale price$6.00
Quartz Polyhedrons
Quartz Polyhedrons Sale price$25.00
Ruby in Kyanite Tumble
Ruby in Kyanite Tumble Sale price$5.00
Smoky Quartz Tumble
Smoky Quartz Tumble Sale price$5.00
Tourmaline in Quartz Tumble