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HQ Beryl Set | Morganite & Aquamarine

Sale price$14.00

Size | 1 inch  | intuitively selected

Location | Brazil

Shape | Raw

Metaphysical Properties | Aquamarine is associated with tranquility, emotional balance, and spiritual insight. It is believed to help its wearer to remain calm and level-headed in stressful situations, and to gain a greater understanding of emotional issues. Use Aquamarine to help bring clarity to one's thoughts and emotions, aiding in problem-solving and decision-making.

Metaphysical Properties | Morganite | The pink variety of beryl. Connect to your divine feminine helping open you up to unconditional love. Morganite can help you open your heart chakra, calling in love, peace, compassion, and emotional healing.

HQ Beryl Set | Morganite & Aquamarine
HQ Beryl Set | Morganite & Aquamarine Sale price$14.00

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